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IE's Y-Pipe Adapter Kit is used to adapt either your IE Downpipe to a stock catback or your IE Catback to a stock downpipe. If you are using either of our exhaust components with a stock counterpart, this Y-Pipe Kit includes everything needed to make it an easy bolt-on solution.

The Integrated Engineering Audi 2.5 TFSI 8V 8S Performance Downpipe (RS3 & TTRS) requires this product, if your vehicle has a stock catback exhaust section.

Cast Construction

Using specialized 3D scanners and software, IE engineers can design odd shapes and sizes to maximize flow and conform into tight spaces without any sacrifices. These shapes can not be manufactured reliably from traditional piping, so we use a high quality stainless steel casting to realize the design. This makes for an incredibly high quality part that will not restrict power and will create a perfect fit every time.


IE downpipe to stock catback exhaust

  • Audi - RS3 2017+ (8V.5) 2.5T
  • Audi - TTRS 2018+ (8S) 2.5T

IE catback exhaust to stock downpipe

  • Audi - RS3 2017+ (8V.5) 2.5T